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帮我补一下这个句子谢谢 "这个约定,最后,她还是...


1,截止日期的意思就是最后一天,语义重复 2,雷锋精神不能作主语,应该为雷锋精神当然要被赋予新的内涵 3,批评和分析不能同时与原因搭配

Shouldn't it be paid great attention? It treatens our lives and human's future.

In fact,the micro blog itself is (of little) harm.It's your attitude towards it that matters. 实际上,微博本身没有什么不好,重要的是你认识事情的态度 be of little 很少,比如: be of little value to sb。 对于某人来说只有很少很少...


英文: Today is very special, because this is the first you my holiday, I hope this festival you and I together from the promise that moment will be together till the end of life, did not break out. Sometimes I may talk did not...

It is all known that frendship calls for time and effort.

crash out 意思是,(意外)落败 句子是说,虽然利物浦对阵FC Basel时,从0比3落后追到3-3平,但利物浦还是首轮出局了。 因为欧冠杯比赛分主客场,利物浦这场比赛平局,但另一场肯定失利了,所以总比分使它crashed out of the CL。

首先说over,有“关于”的意思 confusion over its purpose就是在目的上不明确的意思,与真正目的不符 而help用作被动时,简单来说就是被帮助,隐申下去可以是被促进啊,助长啊,有益等 no school is helped by a confusion over its purpose居首的...


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