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go Do sth

短嗤哘乎頁 go to do sth 賜宀 go doing go to do sth 吭房祥頁^肇恂蝶並 ̄ go doing嶄議do匯違脅勣箔頁音式麗強簡,泌go shopping/go swimming吉.

Do not use a preposition (a word such as 'at' or 'to') before pee when it is an adverb 輝匯倖簡頁険簡簡來扮万才強簡岻寂音紗初簡┗犯at賜宀to Go peeGo home Go outside Go there吉吉脅頁宸嶽喘隈。

短嗤go do sth,峪嗤go to +仇圭 to do sth

go doing sth.才go to do sth.曝艶 go to do sth. 匯違喘be going to do sth.侘塀燕幣繍栖彈姥恂蝶並。 go doing sth. 燕幣肇恂蝶並。go swimming, go fishinggo shopping葎楼降喘隈。

go on to do sth.go on doing sth.go on with sth. 宸眉倖玉囂脅嗤写偬恂蝶並議吭房徽壓根吶貧嗤侭音揖。 (1) go on to do sth. 燕幣^俊彭恂総匯周並 ̄軸俊和肇恂嚥圻栖音揖議匯周並 (2) go on doing sth.燕幣^写偬音唯仇恂蝶並賜寂僅...

哂囂嶄輝曾倖賜曾倖參貧恬喘猴議音協塀旺双扮葎阻閲窒嶷鹸宥械峪壓及匯倖音協塀念喘音協塀憲催to凪噫音協塀念議to辛參福待。嗽泌 I told my younger brother to stay there and wait for me. 厘出厘宮宮壓椎隅吉厘。 I'm wondering ...

go on doing something go on doing sth.吭房葎^写偬(孤蝶並),隔偬音僅仇(孤蝶並) ̄,燕幣匯岷壓恂蝶並,短嗤恂凪麿並.箭泌: Water goes on running along the channels to the river. They went on talking on the way home. ‐廣吭/万才 go on t...

go on doing写偬恂蝶並 go on to do写偬恂凪麿並 箭:After having a rest,I went on doing mu homework. 俚連匯氏朔厘写偬恂恬匍傍苧俚連念祥壓恂緩並 After cleaning the floor,I went on to clean the window. 価頼仇朔厘嗽写偬価横詮...

厘誡Ω段韮 と冱うことですか殖dou yi wu ko to dei si ka殖 念中誼俊貧凪麿鞘徨嘉嬬賠萱万議醤悶吭房 と冱うことですか尋睨湿擁

do恬強簡匯違効兆簡。do sth. 匯違夘諒鞘嶄do頁匯違夘諒簡do you like playing computer games? go嗤載謹簡怏go to school, go to bed, go shoppinggo skating吉。匯違頁go to do sth. go doing宸劔議音械需。 have議耕協喜塘嗤have to ...

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