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in your side 没有这个组合; with your side没有这个组合; on your side;支持你 at your side 在你旁边(方位上) 祝您生活愉快,望采纳。

beautiful in your side 美丽的在你身边 以上翻译结果来自机器翻译,仅供参考。

With or without you U2 With or Without You 你若即若离 U2乐队 See the stone set in your eyes 看见你那冷若冰霜的眼神 See the thorn twist ...

歌曲名:By Your Side 歌手:Somerville. Jimmy 专辑:Dare To Love 〖By Your Side〗 〖Faber Drive〗 〖can'T KeEp a SecrEt〗 〖Lyric By MichaelG〗 I'll turn off the lights and let you sleep Just close your eyes relax and breathe In sl...

thanks to those who know you,see through you,now still accompany in your side 感谢那些认识你的人,看透你,现在仍然陪伴在你身边

hi, is there any update from your side 嗨, 你那边有没有任何更新? 双语对照 例句: 1. Is there any contraband in your luggage? 你行李里有什么违禁品吗? 2. Researchers gathered over 100 different fish oil studies to see if there...

应该是 I will always be by your side silently 不是 in 句子意思是:我会一直静静守候在你的身边 by your side 表示在你身边 on your side表示支持你 没有in your side这种表达方式

你好。i will be like the white as guardian in your side you翻译成中文是:我会像白色的守护者在你身边。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

When I am not in your side ,you have to remember that I still think of you 当我不在你身边时,你要记住我仍然相信你 think英[θɪŋk] 美[θɪŋk] vt.想; 以为; 思索; 看待; vi.考虑; 思辩; 构想; 回忆; adj.深思的; 供思考...

you around in your side,love life with no regrets 你在身边,爱生活无怨无悔

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