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温馨提示 remind是动词,, reminder主要是提醒的人,或者暗示, kindly reminder是错误的。。。语法错误 如果你要是温馨提示, 最好用 Tips 这个就表示温馨提示

just remind 只是提醒 拼音 双语对照 双语例句 1 They just remind me of a better time in my life. 它们使我想起在我一生中更美好的时光。

Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life Ahe... I may run and hide When you're screaming my name Alright But let me tell you now There are prices to fame Alright All of our time spent in flashes of light All you people can't you see ...

都对,但是用法不一样。 Kindly remind to do, A kindly reminder.

kindly reminder 温馨提示 单独使用的话,后者对。 As a kindly reminder, only Jacso member will be enjoying this benefit. 温馨提示,只有Jacso会员能够享受此项福利。 如果在句子里的话,用前者比较多 Seattle English kindly remind you t...

1.From: Mrs. Josie Jones 2. To:Susan Chan 3. Purpose(目的) to write the letter: Remind Susan to return the books 4. Amount(数量) ...


a kindly reminder 友好的提示 kindly remind sb of sth 友好地提示某人某事 要结合语境和使用情况。

有点错误,应为:sometimes.....can't help reminding you,..... 译为:有时候,我就是忍不住想提醒你,因为我曾经爱过你。


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