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put out的out不是动词,而是副词。put out作为一个词组有下列含义: put out 1.extinguish(a fire)扑灭(火);熄灭 *The fire brigade soon put out the fire.消防队员很快就把火扑灭了。 *She put out the light and closed the door.她...

put out的意思是: vt. 熄灭;用;发表;促销生产;激怒 vi. 出发;努力 详细解释: 用作及物动词(vt.) 1,The government put out a warning against flood. 政府发出了预防水灾的警告。 2,Far water does not put out near fire. [谚]远水救...


put out of去掉, 发(芽), 使失去, 赶出, 后面要加名词 比如:put sb out of mind: 忘记某人 -put something out of action: 使失去效用;使失掉战斗力 put out off 提出了

put off 延期。 put up 举起,抬起。 put out 伸出。 put away 收起来, 放好。 短语造句: put off: They decided to put the meeting off until after Christmas. 他们决定把会议推迟到圣诞节以后。 Owing to the state of the ground, the ma...

will be put out 的put 什么词 解答如下: 这个是被动语态, 这里的put是put的过去分词, will be put out 将会被扑灭

put out 熄灭;伸出;出版;使不方便,打扰更多释义>> [网络短语] put out 熄灭,关,扑灭 put someone out 给某人添麻烦,有人把,把有人出来 put you out 把你,你添麻烦,把你们

go out 1. 外出 She's gone out for a walk. 她外出散步了。 2. 熄灭 His cigarette has gone out. 他的香烟灭了。 3. 过时 This method went out long ago. 这种方法早就过时了。 4. 过完 The year went out slowly. 这一年慢慢过去了。 put ou...

put out the fire un.灭火 扑灭火;扑灭篝火;扑灭大火 例句 1.Put out the fire before going to bed. 睡觉之前先熄失炉火。 2.Tell the children to put out the fire. 叫孩子们把火熄灭。 3.All the boys ran to put out the fire, but Mike ...

put out, 1. 伸出2. 熄灭3. 出版4. 使不方便,打 put off推迟;拖延 意思不一样

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