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os.popen3(cmd[, mode[, bufsize]]) 加大buffer试试。另外,这个函数已列为弃用,看看有关subprocess模块.

os.popen3(cmd[, mode[, bufsize]]) 加大buffer试试。另外,这个函数已列为弃用,看看有关subprocess模块...

解决:查阅了文档发现os.system()的返回为: On Unix, the return value is the exit status of the process encoded in the format specified for wait(). 而os.wait()的返回为: a 16-bit number, whose low byte is the signal number that k...

是字符串错了。含有\的字符串,应该使用转义符,或者改成raw string。cmd=r"E:\javaproject\python01\autoInstall\bak\win_finance\win_finance\DMB-BS3.1.28.24425-finance-win-x86.exe"

import os cmd = "top" os.popen(cmd)

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